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What is a website content management system?

After you spend time and money developing your website, you're going to need to know how to make updates to it in the future. There are three options which you can do. The first option would be to actually learn how to do html, php and any other language that your web designer decided to use to code your website. We highly don't recommend that -- especially if you are a business owner you have many more things to do that could increase the profitability of your business than spend the time to make updates to your website.

The second option would be to call your web designer and have them make the updates for you. If you are going to choose this option, make sure you have an agreement with your web designer to make sure all of your website's updates are going to be made quickly and easily when you need them.

The third option is the best option. We recommend a website content management system, especially if you are going to be making frequent updates to your website, also known as CMS. A content management system is coded in a way, so after your website is live, you can visit a web address, type in your username and password, see all the pages on your website and edit them just like you were editing a word document. It's a really simple solution and it's great for keeping the content on your website fresh.


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The logo EndChapter created for our business was beyond our expectations! It completely transformed our marketing and brand! Thank you!

Jungle Junction Pet Store

EndChapter has managed an extremely intricate website for our organization, and we could love them more!

Wayne - Global Sports Authority

EndChapter oozes with creativity and professionalism. Their talent was affordable and highly impressive!

Sidney - President of Serviceplus