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Web Hosting & Domain Purchase

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EndChapter Internet Marketing has recently released a new website for website hosting and domain names. There are many web hosting companies in Lancaster, PA but how many of them offer rich features like automated daily, weekly, and monthly website backups? Data backups are not often provided by web hosting companies, but EndChapter understands the importance of securing your website’s data.

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Small Business E-Commerce Websites

Small Business E-Commerce Are you a small business? We understand how frustrating it can be when the product your business is looking for costs more than you can afford. Do you want to sell products online and increase your businesses income? EndChapter Internet Marketing can help. We know some of the best kept secrets many web design companies won’t share, such as free open source shopping carts and content management systems. By keeping the expenses low, there is more room for companies like EndChapter to save you money on your web design projects. Let me explain in more detail.

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What is a website content management system?

After you spend time and money developing your website, you're going to need to know how to make updates to it in the future. There are three options which you can do. The first option would be to actually learn how to do html, php and any other language that your web designer decided to use to code your website. We highly don't recommend that -- especially if you are a business owner you have many more things to do that could increase the profitability of your business than spend the time to make updates to your website.

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Why do you need a content management system (CMS)?

The traditional way of building websites, is to build each page as a static page, most commonly people build pages in Dreamweaver, push the pages via FTP to a web server, and that’s your site. While this has been a perfectly fine method for simple web sites, it actually has some serious limitations. We believe that building websites in a content management system (CMS) has a lot of benefits and we encourage everyone to look at moving in that direction. You may feel like using a content management system is going to add a lot of complexity and make your website more expensive, but once you’ve moved up the learning curve a little bit we think you will find that is really not true. With good tools, things do not necessary need to be more complex or more expensive.

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Social Media Campaigns for your business

Social Media Campaigns Everyone knows that social media is today’s hot spot. If your business is already available through social media platforms, then you probably have already seen the benefits. Social media is more than just micro-blogging. Social media for businesses accomplishes many key marketing goals.


  1. Social media profiles build brand awareness for your company or organization. Depending on the social media platform fit for your business, we can share photos, discussions, blogs, videos, and more. Own a restaurant? Upload your menu. Are you a contractor? Upload seasonal coupons for home-owners. The possibilities are endless.
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How should my business use Facebook?

Facebook for Businesses Social media is the way things are going... if your not on Facebook you've already behind the times.

If you are starting a Facebook page for your business, be sure to begin with a Fan Page -- Not a Friend Page. There are different things that a Fan Page can do that a Friend Page can not. In the long run, it is going to be much easier if you start with a Fan Page.

Spend a little time with the graphics art department. You can graphically customize your Facebook Fan Page with tabs and other useful visuals and dynamics. We recommend that businesses have a welcome page so Facebook visitors can get to know you a little before they get too far in.

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The logo EndChapter created for our business was beyond our expectations! It completely transformed our marketing and brand! Thank you!

Jungle Junction Pet Store

EndChapter has managed an extremely intricate website for our organization, and we could love them more!

Wayne - Global Sports Authority

EndChapter oozes with creativity and professionalism. Their talent was affordable and highly impressive!

Sidney - President of Serviceplus